VirtualTalks is a series of expert-driven conversations about Virtual Communication Strategies, Hybrid Networking & Collaboration and Sustainable and Relevant Meta Communication. Join us and watch the complete series for free.
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  • #1 Virtual Environment for Businesses

    Jennifer Prinz – Marketing and Sales Account Manager at Keystone Education Group

    Jane Hakkarainen – Executive Producer at Tapaus

    Jin Han – Managing partner at Globus International

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  • #2 Hybrid Workforce & Diversity

    Giselle Mota – Princial, Future of Work at Automatic Data Processing

    Monika F. de Waal – Organisational Development and Personal Leadership specialist at Unique Sources

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  • #3 Bridging Virtual Gaps

    Steen Rasmussen – Director of Analysis, Data & Learning, Senior Partner at IIH Nordic

    Keith Alper – Founder & Chief Experience Officer at Genicast

    Albert Bengtson – Active in the Swedish chapter or the non-profit organization at Slicon Vikinas

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  • #4 Remote Employee Engagement

    Charlotte Eklund – CEO & Co Founder at Teemyco

    Patrick Couch – Business Developer Data & Ai at Solita

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  • #5 Hybrid Sales & Marketing

    Merijn van Buuren – Founder of EventMender

    Tobias Helmer – Head of Marketing and Communications at Dell Technologies

    Ryan Nevins – SDR Team Lead at Whereby

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  • #6 Value Creation Hacks for the Hybrid Events

    Brea Hall – Recruting Events Program Manager at Roblox

    Rachel Stephan – Founder, Snöball Event Marketing

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  • #7 Sustainability of the Virtual Communication

    Rocco Haro – Founder, Kickback Space

    Maria Hansson – Sustainable value creation Digital Ecosystems at Solita

    William Thomson – Founder, Virtual Event Campus

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#1 Virtual Environment for Businesses
#2 Hybrid Workforce & Diversity
#3 Bridging Virtual Gaps
#4 Remote Employee Engagement
#5 Hybrid Sales & Marketing
#6 Value Creation Hacks for the Hybrid Events
#7 Sustainability of the Virtual Communication

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