Hybrid Solution for Powerful Human Engagement

As the new era of hybrid communication unfolds, one thing remains clear: sustainable innovation and commitment to foster human connection through the re-imagination of events. By making audience engagement infinitely scalable, organisations now have the potential to use events to communicate and engage more frequently and effectively.
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Brand Experience

With the vVenues platform there are no limits for how you design your event. Our platform works independent from the visual appearance giving you the freedom to create your own event.

Meetings & Networking

vVenues video chats and virtual conference rooms cover all the technicalities you need to create new leads, stronger relations and better insights.

Parallel Event Stage

Create multiple interactive stages where your agenda can be held effectively. Stream and screenshare presentations and videos, the content can be distributed in different auditoriums live or pre-recorded to large audiences.

White Label

vVenues is ready to be dressed and styled in full harmony with your brand guidelines.

Mobile Version

With our mobile web interface, you may participate in to a live event and the online experience simultaneously. Chat and connect with online attendees to the same event, interact with the live stage and take part of content only available online. The mobile interface also gives you the opportunity to attend to fully virtual events when on the go, don’t miss out on live broadcasts, exhibitions or network – it’s all there.

Reporting & Analytics

vVenues tracks your event ROI and measures its impact, in order to provide you with knowledge about user behaviour and preferences. You will get to know your attendees, even down to an individual level with valuable insights and reports.


vVenues cater for high end enterprise security with features including white- and blacklisting, GDPR and secure cookie handling. vVenues is used by international brands across the globe with high requirements on security.

Annika A Project Manager

Versatile and impressive. The feeling you get as a participant is one of being there in real life -- it's easy and intuitive to use, the look-and-feel is quite impressive, and for me, as an event manager, it's all incredibly versatile.

Eva D Digital Marketing Communicator

"Professional and user friendly" The flexibility in the platform. And as close to IRL you can get in a digital world. And you feel safe that the technical part will work, and you can focus on your stuff (content etc.)

Elin E Brand Manager

Superb and innovative platform for virtual events. vVenues combines a brand new virtual experience with the intuitive feeling shared by everyone who has ever attended a physical conference.

Jessica K Press Assistant

you can create whatever you are in need of, while giving a modern touch. If you need a lot of discussion rooms, more fun games, information-sharing etc, you can create it in a really modern way.

Linda Z Organization Developer

"Outstandig platform with great possibilities to interaction" The ability to adapt the platform to your organization's needs. Many different possibilities, with several stages, live chat, exhibitor spaces, possibilities to share photos, different games. It feels like everything is possible on the platform.

Magnus O Partner Marketing Advisor

"Very good digital experience and format for conference" Liked the user interface and all the different functions, breakout rooms really easy and good.

Marie S Member of the Board of Directors

A truly engaging virtual event platform! I am impressed by the intuitive design and the many ways to interact, network, and engage in vVenues. I think the looks of the platform give excellent branding opportunities, and with the many different rooms, you get the feeling that you meet and greet as if you were attending a physical event…

Petra R Member of the Board

"Best digital event so far - creative and engaging!" I can highly recommend this vVenues solution, I think they've nailed it! Capturing the atmosphere from a congress with large audience sessions, if not better thanks to the high audience interaction; seminars; engaging smaller panel tracks; hang-out areas that actually work. And really cool way of actually capturing the brand expression and feeling throughout. Definitely going to look into this for our company going forward. I'm hoping this is the future instead of standard kick-offs and fairs.

Rebecka F Business Area Manager at DI Gasell

…vVenues is a one-stop solution! The intuitive design makes the virtual event experience as close to an IRL event as possible. Already when you sign into the event platform, you get a feeling of entering an event environment and not just any traditional digital meeting in a presentation mode and a chat. The possibilities to design several rooms and areas for content distribution and exhibitions is endless and very impressive. Interactive sessions by video and chat tools make it easy for delegates and sponsors to communicate…

Tobias H Head of Marketing and Communications at Dell Technologies

Great tool for immersive virtual experiences. The flexibility of the tool, and that its easy to create an immersive experience for the end-user


Think that the solution adds value compared to webinars


Feel that they have attended a physical event


Attendees have participated in our events


Virtual events hosted in more than 100 countries

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