Pro Bono

When we created vVenues it was basically to help some of our event clients to preform their events virtually due to the pandemic. There were of course other solutions around but the struggle was always to keep the same “vibe” as they used to have. But there was also a greater purpose in to this and the reason why we decided to continue and make this a separate company.

We had been thinking a lot of about for example the reasonableness of flying a global company staff around the world for a one day conference. We could have one project where we did that and another about “sustainable” with the same client simultaneously. (think stock drone footage over a solar farm).

We build countless expo booths where nothing is measured or collected and the clients have no idea about ROI, potential leads and so on.

Corporate events in general still has a long way to go when it comes to inculcation and diversity. One good thing about virtual is that you don’t have to be within a “group” or an extrovert in order to be heard. We want our platform to enable this.

We try to find a way to contribute so at the moment we are looking for an interest based organisation that we can support.

Best Regards,
vVenues Team