How do you ensure a sustainable event where everyone can participate?

The airline industry has problems with timetables, strikes and queues, energy prices are skyrocketing. With ​the current climate crisis we all need to focus more on sustainability and, in addition, Covid 19 can mean that participants have to stay at home due to illness - even if restrictions are not as extensive as previous years.

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A solution that emerged during the pandemic and which in many cases can replace physical events, especially nationwide and internationally, are digital events. The pandemic period meant that digital platforms developed at record speed and are today for many purposes completely comparable to physical events, but often cost a fraction to implement.

Sustainability is extremely important in today’s society but is unfortunately often forgotten. Here, digital events give us the opportunity to participate from your home location without travelling internationally and can make the event fit into one’s own life puzzle.

vVenues is a digital platform that has had great success in this area. A sustainable digital event also solves the question of how everyone can participate during the winter event. Many who have tested positive for Covid are today symptom-free and can therefore participate from home in the same way as those affected by canceled train and flight departures or for other reasons unable to travel long distances to a meeting.

With a digital platform, the event can either be carried out completely digitally or as a hybrid solution. Regardless of which one you choose, the digital arena can offer a lot of extra material in the form of parallel track choices for different target groups, exhibition opportunities for products and partners and many different smart options for interaction and networking.

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