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vVenues has evolved out of the integrated communication agency Onemotion IMC founded in Sweden, with experience of building physical events since 2003.

“As our customers loved the product, we figured more should have access to it.”

During the Covid 19 pandemic a conversion into virtual events was necessary, for our clients as well as for our business. Instantly a massive search for virtual event platforms to use started, but none of those present in the market lived up to our expectations. Instead, we developed vVenues with focus on experience, network, and brand interaction.

Now that we have designed a platform that delivers the experience we were looking for and carried out more than 400 virtual events – with over 500.000 attendees, we decided to share it -for others to use the platform to freely create the best virtual events designed for each brand. vVenues is since June 2021 its own company with full focus on development and support to our local partners.

As the performance of a live event is critical to anyone producing it, the most important success factor for a virtual event is local support, someone who make sure your event is a success and who will assist you instantly when you need it. We therefore act through local partners who will help you produce and design your event but also support your event when its running. They are of course supported by our team in making your event a smooth and great experience wherever you are.


Think that the solution adds value compared to webinars


Feel that they have attended a physical event


Attendees have participated in our events


Virtual events hosted in more than 100 countries

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