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February 18, 2022

Product Update 🚀 Improvements in Self Service and Video Streaming

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Axel Murman CPO

TLDR: Improvements in Self Service UX and One Click Stream Key.

✨ Generate a Ultra Low Latency, Production Ready Stream Key in One Click
With the updated self service tool it’s now possible to generate a production ready stream key in one click.

✨ Updated Self Service interface
We have combined tabs and redesign some interactions based on user feedback. It’s a lot of small things that togheter make a big difference when creating events. For example a more visual way of set Action Points.

✨ Upload Video Backgrounds
It’s now possible to upload video background in the same way as background images.

✨ Change Action Points order
You can now change order of Action Points, this is for a better mobile experience where the atendee navigate using Action Points in a menu.

🐞 Archive Events – You can now easy access you archived events and unarchive if you want.

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