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May 23, 2022

4 Hybrid Strategies for Powerful Human Engagement

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Anastasia Lodhi Growth Manager

As the new era of hybrid communication unfolds in an era of uncertainty, one thing remains clear: sustainable innovation and commitment to foster human connection through the re-imagination of events.

By making audience engagement infinitely scalable, organisations now have the potential to use events to communicate and engage more frequently and effectively. For instance:

  • Sales kickoffs no longer need to be limited to only one time a year but can be conducted quarterly or even monthly.
  • Career fairs can attract qualified candidates from a broader talent pool.
  • Diversity initiatives can become less performative and more meaningful when tools exist to truly engage communities in a dialogue, rather than just force them to listen.

So how exactly is the vVenues platform applicable for HR?

1. Immersion into a unique brand experience

For HR communication, this is a real breakthrough – high-quality detailed graphics. It brings online interaction between participants closer to real life. In addition, working with ready-made templates allows organisers to set up a platform for events of any scale: from classic auditorium conferences to large virtual congress with partner exhibitions. Being in virtual reality, a person feels like they are there in real time, which is empathised when you interact with virtual content. According to the results of post-event reports on our platform, the level of engagement and the percentage of accessibility of online content on the platform is at least 85%, while on standard solutions like Zoom and flat event solutions, this figure is usually not higher than 50%.

2. Transition from one-time contact to long-term communication

One of the most successful use cases of the platform: Women in Tech held its first virtual congress in 2021 – highlighting the hottest issues in women recruitment in the tech industry. The standard two days of broadcasting stretched out into 4 weeks of active re-visiting of the site by online users. Thus, it was decided to modify the “event site” into a permanent information hub. A virtual reality-based recruiting program “guided” potential employees through realistic spaces of companies that conducted recruitment, a virtual labor exchange, online interviews, offering a potential employee a lot of interesting interactive tasks. Thus, the companies that took part in the congress and the hub managed to increase the popularity of their brands, replenishing the staff with hundreds of new employees who appreciated the innovation and manufacture of the employer.

3. Employee training

Leading companies are interested in the growth and development of their employees to improve their performance in the workplace. A typical approach to learning is to take classes with an external business coach or distract your own more competent colleagues from work to teach beginners. This is costly and at times counterproductive. It is in this area that virtual and hybrid technologies help to correctly allocate resources and update content.

Since 2021, a global engineering company has been conducting online training and certification of its technical staff on the vVenues platform. Company employees from all over the world are invited to visit the virtual training and development center, get acquainted with the new developments of the central research and development department, take tests, improve their skills, which subsequently makes it possible to get a new position at their immediate place of work.

In this way, the client has been able to standardize, centralize and make learning about new technologies and competencies accessible.

4. Team building and staff involvement in the company culture

The tasks of building a corporate culture, teambuilding and increasing employee engagement have not gone away with the advent of the pandemic, and will not disappear with its departure.

Almost all briefs of our customers are to some extent focused on rallying the staff, team building, “awakening” employees to new achievements and motivation for efficiency.

Increasingly, we see how the strategic task of events is to create a sense of belonging to the fate of the company and the possibility of direct influence on its development, as well as direct contact and feedback from top management.

In the long term, a corporate culture adapted to virtual communication is the key to a successful hybrid model in operation. Companies that have chosen flexible working models and created an intelligent, safe and dynamic environment are more resilient to risks and will be able to cope with the shortage of specialists and increase business efficiency despite crises.

Virtual reality is a fairly new technology, it still arouses genuine interest among the audience and helps companies stand out from the competition.

We see how online has simplified access to information and opened up effective ways to interact with the audience. For pragmatic KPI-oriented businesses, virtual and hybrid communication is a format that saves time for consumers and resources for customers.

It is enough for participants to enter the space on a computer or smartphone to listen to the case, communicate, take part in group or individual work, collect information in detail. No need to put on a suit and drive through the whole city or half the country. Even the timidest person can easily ask the speaker a question. Users do not depend on site loading, weather and season. And they can choose to communicate with specific people in the database of their profiles.

A unexpected bonus that often surprises customers of virtual platforms is the dramatic rises in reach and an increase in the consumption of online content. This is due to the fact that people actively attend events even after broadcast days. In addition, the details of profiles and audience engagement with a brand is never measured on standard web pages or players.

How vVenues features help to advance employee connection and professional education:

vVenues interactive features, integrations, and RTMP-powered broadcast provides the opportunity to completely “rebuild” the solution for yourself which continues the tradition of the famous Scandinavian brands in terms of ease of use and operational aesthetics. We offer meaningful brand immersion formats for the audience, and detailed analytics for clients.

  • Expo: Third party organizations and partners can share information in virtual expo booths and connect with your attendees or employees for them to offer added value like special offers, presentations, and video tutorial links. Attendees can also network directly with staff from the organizations.
  • Streaming: The organizer can use our RTMP functionality to produce a studio or upload the prerecorded livestream with high-quality content, including music, keynote speeches, and dance performances
  • Networking: One of vVenues’ top advantages is interactive functionality available in form of video chats, ‘speed meetings and group hangouts.
    Integrations: Interactive games from Stagecast, avatar-steered video chat Wonderoom and interactive polling tool Mentimeter sparks deep engagement among attendees. In fact, we can integrate any of your favorite tools into the system.
  • Customizability: Partial or full customization of the template library. Brand and visual identity throughout the event to keep the experience on brand.‍
  • Replay & Update: Access a virtual goody bag of sessions after the conference, as well as continuous update of your space design and content.

To see the platform in action and learn more about its functionality, join the live demo this week.

vVenues best applies where it is necessary to educate and engage the audience with interactive content. Our solution is suitable for customers with a large and dispersed client or partner base: banks, telecoms, car dealers, pharmaceutical and other network companies.

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