The virtual event platform that truly engages people.

vVenues is a fully realized virtual experience that reflects your brand. It's built for us humans who need inspiration, interaction and entertainment value in order to build fruitful relationships.

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Feel that they have attended a physical event


Attendees to virtual events


Virtual events hosted

Virtual Venue

vVenues offers virtual event experiences where the attendees are taken into a world where they see, hear, interact with and walk around in environments that perfectly reflects your brand – from the lobby and the auditorium to the scenes, exhibits halls, monters and much more.

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Hybrid Events

With our mobile web interface, you may participate in to a live event and the online experience simultaneously. Chat and connect with online attendees to the same event, interact with the live stage and take part of content only available online. The mobile interface also gives you the opportunity to attend to fully virtual events when on the go, don’t miss out on live broadcasts, exhibitions or network – it’s all there.

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Design Your Events

With the vVenues platform there are no limits for how you design your event. Our platform works independent from the visual appearance giving you the freedom to create your own event.

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Simple Event Editor

You are in control of your event. Our event building platform is constructed so that our local partners easily can configure your event to the finest details – making sure the experience is flawless, engaging and on brand.

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White Label

vVenues is ready to be dressed and styled in full harmony with your brand guidelines.

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Meetings and Networking

vVenues video chats and virtual conference rooms cover all the technicalities you need to create new leads, stronger relations and better insights.

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vVenues cater for high end enterprise security with features including white- and blacklisting, GDPR and secure cookie handling. vVenues is used by international brands across the globe with high requirements on security.

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Local Event Agencies

We understand how important the success for your event is! Therefore, we operate with local partners with experience from designing events. Your partner will guide you to the perfect event and make sure you are comfortable in the process.

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Reporting & Analytics

vVenues tracks your event ROI and measures its impact, in order to provide you with knowledge about user behaviour and preferences. You will get to know your attendees, even down to an individual level with valuable insights and reports.

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Parallel Event Stage

Create multiple interactive stages where your agenda can be held effectively. Stream and screenshare presentations and videos, the content can be distributed in different auditoriums live or pre-recorded to large audiences.

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Audience Engagement

vVenues offers loads of interactive features, speed-date meetings, breakout sessions, polls, surveys, games and chats.

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A virtual event is a smart choice for the planet as well as your budget. We have experience from global events with more than 500.000 attendees and livestreams in more than 140 countries. We make sure your virtual event is a success wherever your audience is, saving money and reducing the ecological footprint.

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”vVenues is an exciting solution and the one that most resembles the physical event. It creates the opportunity to bring partner exhibitions into digital production in a good way, something that we have not seen before. Today we can state that both streaming, experience and interaction among the participants worked perfectly.” Rebecka Forsman, Project Manager, DI Gasellen - Bonnier
“With vVenues we were able, in the midst of an ongoing pandemic, to gather more than 500 partners and resellers for our launch event. The platform gave us a unique opportunity to do so in our own brand design and with great interactivity. Thanks to that the attendees could make choices according to individual interests, we were able to keep the interest intact during the whole event. The local project management made the event easy to handle even with our great number of internal stakeholders, through various chat functions. Customers could easily have a dialogues with product specialists and sales personnel in the product exhibition area and during the conference sessions. On the closure of the event we had good insights into who had participated in the different parts of the event and in what way. Onemotion´s streaming studio was a great complement that created a professional over all impression of our many different speakers.” Mikael Moser, Head of Distribution Marketing, Nordics – Dell Technologies
“Every year, Pauser Media holds a number of conferences to which visitors are buying tickets to stay up to date in their niche areas and about current trends in their field of expertise. The conferences have previously been held physically, but since we converted to digital, we see that the target group has broadened, as visitors no longer have to travel to the events. We have done several conferences in vVenues and received very positive feedback on the platform, which provides a much better experience than webinars. Here is also the opportunity to include partners for events that are an important alternative source of income. We have noticed that the willingness to pay for visitors remains even though we have made the events digital, but because visitors avoid travel and we cost for venues etc. this becomes more cost-effective and sustainable for all parties. My assessment is that digital conferences will remain for us in the future as a good complement to physical conferences.” Anders Pauser, CEO Pauser Media


A pre-packaged event adapted for important presentations, internal / external communication with high demands on interaction and a clear identity that suits your brand.



A pre-packaged conference for internal/external events in design adapted for your brand, with more auditoriums and the opportunity for networking via video meetings/workshops in the platform.



A package for a complete congress with partner exhibitions, livestreamed presentations and advanced networking features.


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